AI Vector gives back to the server monitoring industry

Utah-based AI Vector recently added a knowledge base to their website designed to help those new to the surveillance industry.

( – July 7, 2016) Spanish Fork, Utah – As more businesses rely on robust networks to operate globally, the task of monitoring these systems falls on system engineers and network administrators. AI Vector, a specialist in the field of network monitoring solutions, understands that newbies entering the field have a steep learning curve ahead of them. In an effort to give back to the server / network monitoring industry, the Utah-based company recently added a valuable knowledge base to its website titled Monitoring Message. The surveillance message is intended to help the newbie in surveillance overcome the complexities and challenges as they develop their skills, but it also offers new relevant information that adds to the skills and expertise of the surveillance professional. IT experienced. “We want to give back to our industry and help strengthen monitoring of servers / networks in general,” says Nathan Broderick, president of the company. “Our fifteen years of experience in the business has given us a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t. Our aim is to help stimulate thinking, identify and solve the problems facing professionals in this field. To learn more about Monitoring Message and to view the knowledge base, visit

The first Knowledge Base article is titled “Some Tips on Using Nagios NRPE for Effective Remote Server Monitoring”. Future articles will discuss relevant topics and issues facing today’s surveillance professionals, such as surveillance methods, setup issues, active and passive surveillance strategies, and hidden costs of surveillance systems. surveillance. Both novices and more experienced network personnel will find a lot of valuable information to help them develop their own skills, thus improving the quality of the supervisory profession.

AI Vector is rightly proud of the team it has assembled. From its Spanish Fork, Utah headquarters, the company has nearly two decades of experience with popular network monitoring platforms and programs currently in use by businesses around the world. The company is also one of the major Nagios XI resellers, but its real reputation lies in the flexibility of the company. The team can help with a single website server or client, and then immediately embark on developing a comprehensive enterprise-level proposition with the CTO of a Fortune 100 company. This broad understanding of the challenges inherent in domain makes the company the ideal candidate to compile a resource like Monitoring Message. For more information about the company and its broad portfolio of managed IT and network monitoring solutions, visit

About AI Vector, LLC

Founded in 2008 in Spanish Fork, Utah, AI Vector develops leading enterprise network monitoring solutions. From unique website owners to the largest Fortune 100 companies, the company’s experienced systems administration team designs and implements monitoring systems specifically tailored to the needs of individual clients. A wide range of professional managed IT solutions is the hallmark of the company, which ranks among the leading Nagios XI resellers.

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