Network, application and server monitoring in a powerful dashboard: Zoho Site24x7

In every business and organization today, the emphasis is overwhelmingly on “customer experience”. This is true even in B2B industries, where providing top-notch and responsive service is as necessary for good relationships with partners and customers as it is for operators of e-commerce sites or mobile applications in direct contact with customers. clients.

Along with consumers, alternative providers of their choice of goods or services are at hand. Likewise, in B2B markets, competitors are also just a step away in cyberspace – and providing customers with the best service or offerings is just as demanding.

Maintain standards

When presenting an offer on the internet, whether it is a web application, a remote service, a fully cloud-based SaaS or even a smaller back-end element for a more substantial offer, maintaining the quality of service is of paramount importance. Even a 99.9% uptime is often considered second-rate: many service users seek the “five nines” – 99.999% – level of service that the best can deliver.

Most business or consumer applications today include many elements that work from different platforms and may even be located on different sides of the globe. Databases serve as clusters of application servers; production systems are subject to updates from test benches; development teams work in duplicate environments; failover installations reflect active systems; archive systems; security configurations – the external face of the applications conceals many discrete parts of the offer.

In today’s applications, too, microservices and containers are playing an increasing role. The benefits of the technology include the capability that many businesses now expect – the ability to scale up or scale down a service as quickly as the business demands – which means rapid deployments and performance. high are essential.

Monitoring and testing toolkits

So how can a business today ensure that every different element of its domain is performing as it should and therefore not impacting the user experience?

Many IT teams have an array of tools they use to keep tabs on software systems, real and virtual servers, network nodes, and Internet connections. The problem with this approach is that the results of tools used to monitor throughput, for example, and the MPLS connection produce quite different information than a software agent reporting on a Kubernetes orchestration cluster.

This means that when the end user begins to experience a service that does not reach the elusive “five nines” level, identifying the problem is very problematic. There is no joint view of the entire topology, so resolution of the problem may take days, not seconds, to resolve.

And this time is more than enough for the customer (a person or an organization that is the user of the service) to change providers.

As you would expect from a company like Zoho which offers a wide range of platforms and services, the company’s Site24x7 offering covers the entire IT stack as well. It proactively monitors and reports all aspects of the corporate network, from the provision of remote edge node IoT to cloud-based services to data center operations. In short, it is a product that unifies all networked real estate data in one place.

The ability to visualize where issues are occurring as a result of a recent internal change, or spike in demand, makes Site24x7 unique in its space. With lightweight agents on any node (licenses cover the total number of monitoring agents, not the uses of a single agent), it’s faster and easier to proactively detect issues, even before that they do not occur. And the problems that arise can be solved, either by IT intervention or by automated systems.

Test capacity

Any good IT department is proactive, not reactive. The Site24x7 platform offers several forms of system stress testing, which help the IT department make sure that problems just don’t have a chance to arise. With a host of application performance capabilities and real and simulated user testing, the entire IT stack can be tested to ensure that the best user experience is maintained at all times.

This level of granular information, in turn, creates a bird’s eye view of the performance of critical applications and services, second by second. From metrics on a single web page to visibility across EC2 hypervisor instances, the Site24x7 platform helps today’s businesses deliver the kind of user orientation that ensures customer loyalty.

To learn more about how you can unite your IT monitoring and build proactive monitoring and testing capability, sign up for one of the bi-weekly online demos today.

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