Pakistan wants EU to revise Afghan surveillance plan

Pakistan wants the European Union to revise its plan to intensify human rights surveillance under the new leadership of the Taliban in Afghanistan, in part taking into account the socio-economic concerns of a country that hopes to emerge from it. decades of war and instability.

Islamabad says “further improvements” are needed for a resolution from the UN’s highest human rights body, including concrete pledges to help the war-torn country without using human rights. man as the only criterion. Pakistan is arguably the closest state interlocutor to the Taliban, with historical ties and apparent influence with religious militias.

The European bloc is leading an effort backed by more than 40 countries at the Human Rights Council to adopt a resolution next week that would appoint, among other things, a special rapporteur on Afghanistan to help the country meet its international commitments by human rights issues and offer support to rights groups – much of whose work has been interrupted.

Europeans want consensus on the resolution in the Council, which counts Pakistan among its 47 member countries.

Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Asim Iftikhar said the EU draft resolution “needs further improvement”.

He also said that the EU proposal “seeks to pursue (human rights) concerns regardless of security, safety, conflict, governance and economic dimensions.

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