What are the essentials for monitoring your server?

Network monitoring is highly required in today’s fast-paced digital world. It must be both fast and very efficient. You should be aware of the performance of your network. Yes, even if your business is small, you still need to be assured that the best IT company is monitoring your network.

Network monitoring is a vital part of your business and its success. Servers act as the epicenter of your IT domain. So, if your computer core is badly affected, it may stop working and you may suffer huge losses. This article analyzes the essentials of server monitoring and its importance.

The idea behind server monitoring

Do you know the concept behind monitoring your servers? Well, server monitoring refers to the regular collection and analysis of data to make sure the servers are performing as expected. Indeed, it allows to learn that the servers offer their intended functions. The data used to monitor servers incorporates network connectivity, KPIs, and application availability.

For example, you will examine the following if you are monitoring a Windows file server: log file monitoring, network share availability, server operating system (which includes performance metrics for memory, processor, network, and disk) and event log monitoring. Therefore, the data of each of the previously mentioned categories is well analyzed to avoid any server slowdown or even possible crashes. However, the way data points are chosen and analyzed varies depending on the server and its basic functionality. In addition, the method of collecting general data and its evaluation remains consistent regardless of server functions or operating system.

Is Automation of Server Monitoring Necessary?

The more complex, dense and dispersed IT infrastructure becomes, the more complicated server monitoring becomes. Often, large amounts of data must be analyzed quickly, a task that may not be easily accomplished using manual tactics. Thus, there is a need for automation to meet the objectives of real-time server monitoring. Therefore, intellectual property support staff will devote most of their time and resources to promoting high value initiatives. This is because there is no need to hunt down server problems that could be avoided by automating server monitoring.

That’s a lot of servers to watch.


Did you know that you can set RAM thresholds that when reached will give you an alert? Yes, when RAM usage reaches preset levels, you will be notified. This applies to both Linux and Windows. However, in Linux you can apply the option to include both buffer and cache or not. So, once you are notified that your RAM is being consumed too fast, you will need to prevent your machine from malfunctioning.

Disk / I / O

Disk I / O Monitoring allows you to control all “read and write operations” of disks on your computer. It also helps set thresholds that allow you to get alerts when the metrics shared below reach a particular level; The total number of reads per second, writes per second, the number of requests to disk while collecting performance data, and a busy time. Busy time refers to the time elapsed, as a percentage, when the disk was busy processing write or even read requests.


If you monitor the bandwidth of your servers, you will receive alerts on your network interface. Bandwidth monitoring sets thresholds that allow you to receive signals when critical levels of the following metrics are reached: Error packets received, egress traffic speed (B / sec), number of error packets sent , ingress traffic speed (B / sec) and receiving dropped packets.

If you don’t monitor bandwidth, you might soon experience service slowdowns. You may also experience degradation caused by bandwidth bottlenecks. So, you have to think about it because it is one of the components that you have to watch out for. Bandwidth monitoring allows you to monitor the performance of your network. Thus, you will actively manage the performance of the network and you will be happy to serve your customers without delay.


You can monitor your computer’s drive so that when certain usage levels are reached, you can receive an alert. This is because server disk space is a crucial resource that must be monitored from end to end. When it drops below the set level, you will start to experience downtime and errors and may even lose data. But if you monitor your server’s disk space, you can take appropriate action once you are notified that it is about to drop to unacceptable levels.

CPU monitoring

The ability to run an online business will depend on the processing power of your machine. Thus, it should always perform at its most efficient levels. It doesn’t matter if it’s your host or your hardware; it must operate at its most efficient levels. You can define thresholds which, when reached, will be notified to you. This way you will know when to invest in a certain maintenance to improve its performance. For example, when you get an alert, you’ll know what tasks it can handle. If it can’t handle long tasks, you will only order it to handle short tasks.


As you have explored, various aspects of your server need to be monitored. Your computer’s drive should be monitored. This way you will know when it is not working properly. If you don’t receive alerts about the preset levels, you will experience downtime, errors, and data loss. Memory is another element that needs to be watched. You will keep your machine in top working order if you know how the memory is used. The processor should also be monitored. This will help maintain high performance levels.

Ideally, the alerts will help you take the necessary actions to keep it functioning properly. Just make sure they are watched throughout. Don’t wait until you encounter technical problems to call in IT experts. Contact us now for help on how to monitor them.

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Last updated February 3, 2021.

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