Zoho Expands Enterprise Cloud Services with New Server Monitoring App for iPhone

Site24x7 server monitoring tool provides easy remote monitoring for IT pros with iPhone

Site24x7 announced this week its new iPhone application. Site24x7 is a robust enterprise server monitoring solution from the Zoho Group, which is best known among iOS users for its Zoho Docs productivity suite.

Site24x7 offers a range of enterprise features for web servers that host critical interactive web applications and cloud services, as well as other mission critical services such as internal and external DNS services and mail services. In addition to simple server problem reports and alerts, the Site24x7 can be used to tune servers for optimal performance and availability.

The great features of the 24 × 7 site include the following tools.

  • Monitoring website availability
  • Performance monitoring and statistics
  • Track performance issues associated with web applications that use a range of forms, modules, and services
  • Monitor DNS services (internal and external) for server performance and health
  • Ensure adherence to service level agreements (SLAs) regarding response times to customer issues
  • Monitoring and tuning of messaging service performance (including the ability to calculate message delivery times)
  • Monitoring of additional servers and workstations hosting or processing critical data
  • Global surveillance from over 40 geographic locations around the world
  • Instant notifications and details of issues and potential issues
  • Detailed reports based on tracking and activity

The new iPhone app puts many of these capabilities in the hands of IT specialists and enables in-depth monitoring, detailed server status and history reports, root cause analysis of server issues (using (standard troubleshooting tools such as DNS scan, Traceroute, ping scan and web page screenshots at time of error) and server alert push notifications.

The new Site24x7 app joins several other iOS apps that Zoho offers to integrate with its various cloud services, including the company’s best-known solution, Zoho Docs, which offers a cloud-based office suite that supports storage. local documents on an iPhone or iPad for offline viewing / editing. The company also offers a range of enterprise cloud services and can provide all the essential features a business needs: document editing, project management, invoicing and accounting, customer relationship management (CRM ) and human resource management are just a few examples of the cloud. solutions offered by Zoho.

Source: Site24x7
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